3 Reasons To Stop Using Mascara Today

3 Reasons To Stop Using Mascara Today

Do you know what you are putting on your eyelashes? Using mascara might seem like a harmless habit but could cost your beautiful lashes a big price to be paid later on. Most women are innocently putting mascara on before walking out the door, without realizing the damage they are creating to their lashes. But why do they do it?

Each type of mascara allows women to fulfill different temporary needs; darkness, length, and thickness. Although there is a social acceptance to wearing mascara, there are several harmful reasons why you should stop wearing mascara today.

Mascara Causes Your Lashes To Fall Out

Those nights when you just don’t feel like taking off your makeup, you’re not the only one. But leaving mascara on can really damage your eyelashes. The longer you leave on your mascara it dries and hardens your lashes which causes them to fall out. Sleeping in mascara that has hardened can also scratch your cornea throughout the night.

Mascara Leads To Eye Diseases

The desire for perfect eyelashes is real. On the other hand researchers have found chemicals such as carbon black, ethanolamine compounds, prime yellow carnauba wax, and many others are the cause of scaly eyelids, bloodshot eyes, dry eye disease, and other possible long-term health conditions.3 What you are really paying for when buying mascara are the cheap ingredients that are contained within.

Paraben, for example, has been studied and research teams have found high concentrations of parabens in human breast tumors. Aluminum Powder is a metallic colorant which is a neurotoxin, worse than mercury. Long-term exposure to this chemical can inhibit the bodies ability to excrete mercury, causing the chemical to be more toxic to your system.

Mascara Creates a False Reality

Scaly eyes and losing lashes aside, mascara is a product that is intended to enhance your natural beauty but all it is doing is covering up something you don’t have. How can creating a false reality really improve your confidence? Rather than choosing to wipe off your look every day, take a look in the mirror and love what you see. Forget using mascara, the best look is within you!

Moxie isn’t just a cosmetics company, we are a belief that every serum is meant to help you find your Moxie. The purpose of this products is to enhance the beauty of your natural lashes and increase the potential they have. Moxie will provide you with the natural nutrients your lashes are longing for.

The serum was designed for YOU. Put it to the test.

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