Moxie's Mission Statement

Moxie's Mission Statement

Have you ever met someone who instantly brightens a room when they walk in? Or been around someone who everyone is drawn to? Certain people possess something that makes them stand out. It’s a belief; not that they are better than anyone else, but a determination to do whatever is necessary to be better today, than they were yesterday.

At Moxie, we are fascinated with this concept. We work to emulate it, and try to be it… We aim that every day we wake up, ready to be more, and every night we fall asleep knowing we did as much as we could that day.

When trying to define beauty we realized that we weren’t searching for a look but rather a feeling, a feeling that the word “Moxie” projects. We believe that beauty really isn’t anything you put on, beauty is what you project from inside.

At its heart, MOXIE isn’t just a cosmetics company, we are a belief that every product, every picture, every post, every serum is meant to help YOU find your Moxie. And if you’ve already found your Moxie, to remember that being Moxie means you have a responsibility to help others find it for themselves.

Ultimately we hope that you believe and feel as we do. And that every time you hold a Moxie Cosmetic product in your hand, you know there is an entire company standing behind you, anxious for you to be Moxie. This is our mission and our commitment to you.


YOU are beautiful because you dare to dream. YOU are beautiful because you dare to fight. YOU are beautiful because you dare to believe. YOU are beautiful because of what’s inside. And if you feel like us, you believe that beauty is MOXIE. At Moxie Cosmetics, we stand every day for this belief. And we relentlessly pursue helping to instill MOXIE in our customers, in ourselves, and in our communities.

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