Glasses-Friendly Eye Makeup

Glasses-Friendly Eye Makeup

Whether you need glasses or just wear them to stay on trend, the truth is, makeup presents itself differently behind your frames. If you’re trying to avoid the pesky mascara crumbs around your lenses or just want to make your features pop, these 6 tips will have you walking out the door with more confidence than ever before.

Minimize Mascara Mishaps
To avoid any mishaps with mascara, consider applying one complete layer of waterproof mascara to your eyelashes and then only applying a back and forth the second layer on the root of your lashes to prevent heavy tips and create intensity at the roots. Waterproof mascara won’t flake all over your glasses and won’t leave dark smudges under your eyes after a long day. If you prefer to go au-natural with your lashes, skip the mascara and simply use Moxie Lash Enhancement Serum at night and an eyelash curler to plump them up in the morning.

Eyeshadow primer
Are you constantly adjusting your glasses because they are falling off your face? By applying an eyeshadow primer to the bridge of your nose this can easily be prevented, but for more security apply translucent powder as well.

Avoid the Sunken Eye

Glasses tend to cast shadows under your eyes giving the effect of some non-existent dark circles. The magnifying effect of your glasses may also make those dark circles look more obvious than before too. Adding a bit of concealer with a yellow undertone can offset that effect and give your skin an illuminating glow.

Compliment Your Eyeliner
If you have ever wanted to experiment with eyeliner this your chance to give it a test. Seriously any color will work, the most important is the placement and style of eyeliner. Remember to keep the eyeliner close to the lash line to help accent your eyes.

Opt-In For The Cat eye

Experiment with the thickness, shape, and angles of your liner because you are creating a shape for your eye. Lining up the flick of your eyeliner to the corner of your glasses frame is always a safe bet, but have fun with this. To create more emphasis on your eye when you have rimless glasses create a double wing.

Work the Eyebrows
Create shape to your brows and shade them in. Your glasses frame your eyes and your eyebrows frame your glasses so even though they may be hiding behind your frames, you still need to tend to them to give yourself a more polished look. Help them grow darker by using Moxie’s special eyebrow formula at night and shape them with a complimentary brow wax.  

Remember, your eyes are the window to your soul and it matters how you frame them. Share your look glasses friendly look in the comments below or tag us on Instagram!

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