3 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Through Eye Contact

3 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Through Eye Contact

Eye contact can say a lot about a person. It shows confidence, honesty, and good character. However, eye contact is a skill that actually needs to be practiced. Do you have a hard time with eye contact? Here are three easy tips to boost your confidence through eye contact.


Find The Right Balance

No one wants to be the person who makes someone feel uncomfortable from excessive staring. That is often the reason that people avoid contact all together. If you’re worried about giving the wrong impression with your eye contact then work on finding a balance that works for you.

When you’re listening to someone and speaking to them, don’t let your eyes wander, but thoughtfully look away every now and then to make sure that your stare isn’t too intense. This will help you practice making eye contact without feeling like you’re staring too deeply.


Remember Body Language

Body language often says more than your words and your eyes play a huge role in that. Be aware of your eyes during a conversation to give yourself more calculated control of your interactions.

When you are listening to a person, avoid an intense stare by focusing on different parts of their face and the body language that they are using. Your body will naturally react to the other person when you are more focused on their eyes and movements. It will feel less forced and will help you read your conversation partner.


Practice In A Group

If one on one eye contact is something you struggle with, practice it in a group. Weather you are with friends or presenting to colleagues, making eye contact in a group setting can be easier because you don’t have to look at one person for too long. In fact, if you look too long at one person, the rest of the group will tune out.

Focus on one member of the group just long enough until you can catch their gaze and move on. As a good rule of thumb this takes about the time span of one sentence.

Moxie’s mission is to relentlessly instill Moxie in our customers. Eye contact can portray strength, poise, love, intensity, confidence and all things Moxie. Find the right balance of eye contact to demonstrate your intentions. If you find eye contact intimidating practice these tips and let us know how it goes on social media!

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